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Like almost all forms of fungi, mold/mildew is a living organism that can grow and continuously reproduce. Did you know, mold adheres itself so well to your exterior surfaces, that it actually grows ROOTS? This is why after using simple cleaners yourself, you will see a beautiful clean slate, then often days later all the spots quickly reappear again. It’s because these stubborn roots are often still there even when you cannot see them.

What are the roots of mold called?

As a mold begins building its new comfy home, the hyphae will accumulate into a visible mass which is called a MYCELIUM. The mycelium is also known as the "body" or THALLUS of the mold. In some molds, the lower hyphae will form small root-like structures called RHIZOIDS which help anchor the hyphae to the food source on your exterior. Riptide Pro-Wash professionals will use highly potent, yet eco-friendly products to eliminate your home’s exterior and exterior spaces of these unsightly organisms making your exterior safe and looking great again.

7 facts about mold:

  • Mold Grows everywhere with no boundaries.

  • Mold has a variety of colors.

  • Mold will eat almost anything but a Happy Meal, and give it enough time… and it will eat that too.

  • There Are Over 10,000 Species of Mold.

  • Mold is used in Biological Warfare.

  • Live Christmas trees often cause allergies because of Mold.

  • Almost all sinus infections are caused by Mold!!!

Why is mold toxic to humans?

Molds have the potential to cause health problems. They produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially really toxic substances. Inhaling or even touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Excessive moisture around your home exterior:

Mold on your siding, gutters, concrete, decks, fencing, and more, thrive when there is ground area adjacent to your home that is often shaded and/or wet. Poor drainage, a faulty gutter system, and leaky faucets are examples of ways mold can all contribute to water pooling around your foundation-which mold loves. Great thing is, Riptide Pro-Wash professionals clean all of these surfaces! Let us help you get the gunk gone!

How long does mold live? Depending on the species, mold can stay dormant for years under the right circumstances (unless Riptide Pro-Wash professionals come around on a regular basis). Certain species of mold can remain dormant for hundreds of years!

Let us do a complimentary assessment of your property when booking your appointment with one of our Riptide Pro-Wash professionals, and we will give helpful recommendations of some home repairs or landscaping suggestions you could look into to potentially eliminate any mold from returning. By giving those areas some TLC that you may have not even realized were causing the issues, could help preserve your exterior even longer. It’s not always “all about the money”, we take pride in problem solving because that’s where the real word of mouth comes from!

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