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Everyone wants to look good, because when you look good you feel good. Our homes are an extension of this. They are an investment, we want to take pride in. We utilize Soft Washing when it comes to washing your home.  You don't have to watch your home’s beauty fade over time. With all of the foreign substances coating and being absorbed into the exterior of your home, it is only a matter of time before discoloration and deterioration set in. Let one of our pressure washing professionals help take on the load, and give you peace of mind, by soft washing away all the dirt and grime build up that's keeping your home from looking new again. 

"Soft Washing is the only way to safely clean your siding"

House washing and soft washing

Remove Dirt and Grime

Naturally, your home exterior gets coated with a film of grime over time, and our eco-friendly products will safely revive your exterior resulting in a like new appearance. 

Soft washing and brick cleaning

Destroy Stains

Mold, bacterial growth, stains, organic matters of all kinds and other allergens can give your exterior an unwelcoming appearance. Soft Washing is a great way to safely strip them away.

Pressure washing and house washing. Siding cleaning

Kill Mildew and Mold

Our Soft Washing Service not only gets rid of these types of unwanted fungi, it kills them!

What Are The Benefits Of A Soft Wash? 

There are quite a few benefits to soft wash that should be considered. 

  • Low Pressure: Since soft wash is low pressure substitute to pressure washing, there is less chance for damage. Pressure washing NOT done by professionals, can cause some severe damage to a home. 

  • Clean: Pressure washing is performed with pressurized water. Although this will leave your house clean, it can possibly damage your siding. The gentle yet effective chemicals used when soft washing, provide a soaping agent that will gently break down organic matters so the low pressure water will allow for a squeaky clean finish, leaving all vinyl planks clean and in tact. 

  • Pricing: Soft wash can end up being a bit less expensive than a traditional power wash, because it takes less time due to the chemicals doing the majority of the work. And we all know, time is money!

  • Mold/Mildew: The great thing about the solution that we use to soft wash your home, is that it safely kills mold and mildew to the root. While pressure washing abrasive surfaces, such as concrete and/or brick can be greatly effective for removing mold and mildew, attempting to apply pressure to your homes delicate vinyl siding, could potentially cause damage. 

  • Environmentally Friendly: At Riptide Pro-Wash we take pride in being eco-friendly and responsible. We use cleaning solutions that are safe for children, pets, and plants, and our detergents are EPA-Certified. This means our detergents are biodegradable, but are still tough enough to remove dirt, mold, debris, and any other irritant that lives on your home.

  • Primes Surfaces: If you are getting ready to have your home painted, having your home soft-washed will remove any dirt and other irritants providing a smooth surface to prep it for a fresh coat of paint.

  • Save Yourself Some Time: Hiring a professional to come and clean your homes exterior, means you don't have to find space to store new tools and equipment, climb ladders, or fight to scrub stains off yourself. You also will not have the worry about remembering the proper mixing ratios of the cleaning solutions required.


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"Soft Washing is the only way to safely clean your siding"

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